Materials Science

Materials science, the key for the success of new technology, … and to the future.

Often, the progress in science and technology in the modern society is limited not by design, but a lack of materials that realize the idea of a designer. The mission of our department is then to ultimately provide such materials, as well as to train materials scientists. This is indeed a formidable task, and a systematic approach by experienced researchers is much needed.

Thus, in our department, about twenty qualified materials scientists, together with talented graduate students, are working on a number of problems ranging from the synthesis of high-temperature intermetallic compounds to the analysis of nanostructured magnetic thin films. Our specific activities include design and fabrication of various functional materials, such as thermo-electric materials, multilayered thinfilms, and nanostructured composites; investigations of mechanical and thermal-resistant properties of recent ceramic materials used in the aerospace industry; and the first principle simulation of the structure of light-weight superalloys, just to name a few.