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【Research Project】”Aquatic Functional Materials: Creation of New Materials Science for Environment-Friendly and Active Functions” (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) has started. (Abbreviation: Aquatic Functional Materials, Project Leader: Kato Takashi, Project/Area Number: 6104, Project Period: 2019-2023)

https://www.aquatic-functional-materials.org/english-top Prof. Makiura is a co-investigator of Planned Research A01-1 with which role is “Molecular Design and Creation of Molecular Assemblies for Developing Aquatic Functional Materials”. https://www.aquatic-functional-materials.org/english-a01  

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【Publication】Our original paper is now published

An original paper entitled “Air/Liquid Interfacial Nanoassembly of Molecular Building Blocks into Preferentially-Oriented Porous Organic Nanosheet Crystals via Hydrogen Bonding” was published in ACS Nano (American Chemical Society), and that is ASPS.

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【Publication】Our original paper is now published.

An original paper entitled “Solution-based sequential modification of LiCoO2 particle surface with iron (II) oxalate nanolayers” was published in CrystEngComm (Royal Social Chemkstry), and that is just accepted. This is a collaborative work with Tatsumisago-Lab in Applied Chemistry.

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